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Clothed Serpent Custom Minifigure

Clothed Serpent Custom Minifigure

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The Infamous warrior; the Clothed Serpent! Clothed in a serpent's scaly skin, he camouflages himself in the dense grassland where no one can see him in sight! He's on a tight schedule, so he will be sly and fast! Get your very own Clothed Serpent Minifigure NOW!

I will contact you when your minifigure comes in, as I will be waiting for it to be sent to me by my manufacturer. Expect the minifigure to arrive around late April to even early May!

if this does well, ranch aka me will create more minfigures. if this cannot be shipped to your country, DM me on instagram and i can try to figure something out :)


Not an officially licensed Lego Minifigure. I am NOT endorsed or promoted by the Lego Group. This is a **Custom Minifigure**.

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